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Royal jelly 150mg 45 tablets

Royal jelly 150mg 45 tablets

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Royal jelly 150mg 45 tablets

Freeze-dried royal jelly 150mg in tablets Royal Jelly 45tabl
Royal jelly, also known as royal jelly

ROYAL JELLY contains numerous nutrients: proteins, essential amino acids, enzymes, lipid substances (fatty acids, phospholipids, sterols), organic acids, vitamins (pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid, inositol, B vitamins) and numerous bioelements.

Royal jelly properties:

The royal gift of the hive is royal jelly, which gives the queen not only great vitality (allowing her to lay thousands of eggs a day), but also longevity. The queen lives 40 times longer than bees not fed with royal jelly.
The most numerous and faithful consumers of royal jelly are the Japanese, known for their care for psychophysical fitness. They included bee products in their diet.

This wonderful substance generally contains about 60% water, 19% protein bodies (globulins and albumins), essential amino acids, a rich set of B vitamins (including, in high concentration, pantothenic acid, which affects the length of life), acetylcholine (which is the main transmitter of nerve impulses) and a whole range of bioelements. Fresh milk has strong, even impressive, antibacterial properties.

Royal jelly action:

Freeze-drying was found to be the best way to store the milk, which allows for 5-year storage of the milk. A number of various specialists talk about the benefits of the jelly, and so in Erik Brunet's book "Life Lessons", among many advices to live and cope in crisis ecological conditions, in the chapter devoted to bee products, Royal Jelly - royal food was mentioned in the first place. The opinion on royal jelly by prof. Anna Aslan, the world-famous founder of sanatoriums and geriatric institutes, the creator of a series of rejuvenating drugs. When asked why she owes her vitality and youthful appearance, she replied to work discipline and nature, which gave such a wonderful gift as royal jelly. Scientists agree that royal jelly has a stimulating and invigorating effect, increases physical and intellectual effort, restoring optimism and the will to live. It can be said that it is a reliable way to feel good. They agree that, in a way, milk is rejuvenating! It improves eyesight, memory, has a beneficial effect on arteriosclerosis and insomnia. It makes it easier to overcome depression, restores appetite in patients with anorexia. Not only that, royal jelly is a recognized natural aphrodisiac, it cures potency in men! Royal jelly "hit of the 90s" had, has and will have great properties and no artificial product can replace it.

The best results are obtained by taking the milk sublingually. Preventively and in mild diseases, small doses of 50 to 100 mg per day are sufficient. The treatment should last 4 weeks. Milk should be taken in the morning, or in the morning and at noon, half an hour before a meal. Prophylactically, treatment is recommended twice a year. In pharmacies and herbal shops, you can find: Royal Jelly Royal Jelly freeze-dried in sugar-free capsules and tablets, Stimulin, Apistimul Urtica and Apistimul Crataegi in ampoules and syrup, and royal jelly in honey and herbal honey.
1 tablet contains 50mg of lyophilisate, which corresponds to 150mg of pure royal jelly.
1 - 2 capsules a day on an empty stomach.
Use the preparation from 2 weeks to three months. After a two-week break, the treatment can be resumed.
The active substances of royal jelly are responsible for the normalization and improvement of many life processes. A set of biologically active compounds of the preparation improves reduced physical and mental fitness.
It adds vitality and will to live, counteracts the symptoms of aging of the body, regulates metabolism.
ROYAL JELLY is a natural biostimulating preparation that increases the body's immunity.

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