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Propolis foot cream

Propolis foot cream

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Propolis foot cream

Intended for the skin of the feet that is particularly sensitive to inflammation, cracking, thickening and dryness of the epidermis. The propolis present in the cream contains biologically active substances with antimicrobial and antifungal activity. Sweet licorice root extract strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces swelling and improves circulation. Allantoin added to the cream softens calloused epidermis and eliminates calluses, and honey extract - a natural complex of vitamins and trace elements - has a versatile and effective effect on the skin.

What helps:
Softens the epidermis, accelerates the healing of cracked foot skin. It prevents inflammation by acting antifungal and antibacterial.

Rub the cream into the dry skin of the feet, including the places between the toes.

Active ingredients:
beeswax, 20% propolis extract, licorice root extract, linden honey, allantoin, undecylenic acid

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