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Heater for Propoltherapy ApiAero-PM Antivirus

Heater for Propoltherapy ApiAero-PM Antivirus

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Diffuser for Propoltherapy ApiAero-PM Antiviral

The ApiAero - PM heater is designed to diffuse fragrance and propolis particles in the room.

The ApiAero-PM device has the ability to produce natural propolis vapors, such as those found in nature, in the forest and in the hive. So you can also use it in all rooms of your apartment or office.

Propolis particles provide antibiotic, antiviral and immune protection.
Propolis, and in particular the Propolis vapor produced by ApiAero-PM, leads to a noticeable improvement in well-being, which is also confirmed by the research information we receive. The device is also very effective in diseases such as:

- asthma
- laryngitis
- bronchitis
- in general, all diseases attributed to the lungs and bronchi

We ensure the best efficiency only when using propolis capsules produced by us, because such capsules are designed to work properly with this device.

Propolis has been used for thousands of years and due to its numerous positive properties for improving or strengthening the immune system, it has not lost its relevance as an additional alternative to today's conventional medicine.

Place the container on the heater, place the PM capsule in the container, light the tealight candle and place it in the heater.

After about 8 minutes, the PM capsule will melt and the process will begin. After 150 hours of use, clean the container and insert a new capsule.

When placing an order, in the "comments" section, please write what color you need (yellow or green). If not written, any color will be sent.

Not recommended for people allergic to propolis.

Manufacturer: Beemed Sp. z o. o

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