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Linden honey ECO Sadecki Bartnik 300 g

Linden honey ECO Sadecki Bartnik 300 g

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Indications and operation:

It has a strong and effective antibiotic effect, a long tradition of "home medicine".
It is particularly popular as a natural preventive measure and supporting the treatment of colds, coughs, inflammations of the nasal mucosa, bronchi and lungs. In combination with other ingredients of natural origin (e.g. raspberry juice or elderflower) it is used as a natural home remedy to relieve flu symptoms.

Irreplaceable in the prevention of acute and chronic respiratory diseases - has an expectorant, diaphoretic and antipyretic effect. Apitherapists recommend frequent consumption of linden honey to people living in constant stress, because it also has a calming effect. It is also recommended in the prevention of neurosis.

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