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Buckwheat honey 400g

Buckwheat honey 400g

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Buckwheat honey 400g

Buckwheat honey has a very dark color. Communing with light, it becomes almost black. Under the influence of crystallization, it turns into hard, thick crystals suspended in honey plasma. it smells! Very intense! This is a flavor misfit of Honey Family. It often meets with great acceptance of people who do not like honey. Perfect for drinks, baking and… making mead!

It is said that it is one of the most valuable honeys, next to honeydew honey. It has a great effect on the circulatory system, contains large amounts of iron, it is fully assimilable in contrast to the iron contained in meat. Rumor has it that it has rejuvenating properties…

Buckwheat honey Pszczelarz Kozacki - Cossack quality and taste.

Net weight: 400g

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