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Acacia honey 400g

Acacia honey 400g

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Acacia honey is made from nectar collected by bees from the flowers of black locust, which blooms in early June. It is characterized by a high content of fructose, thanks to which the crystallization process is very slow, even for several months.

Color and taste:
Liquid acacia honey is light straw or light amber in color and sometimes colorless. The delicate and sweet taste and aroma of the acacia flower is ideal as a sweetener.

Healing properties:
Acacia honey, like rapeseed honey, is a valuable regenerative nutrient in states of physical and mental exhaustion. High fructose content is useful in people with mild forms of diabetes (not insulin-dependent).
Recommended for diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract. Doctors recommend the consumption of acacia honey also to people with gastrointestinal disorders, especially those associated with gastric and duodenal ulcers, hyperacid gastritis, cramps and appetite problems because it accelerates the regeneration of the mucosa.

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