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Propolina children's propolis diffuser

Propolina children's propolis diffuser

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Bee shaped diffuser.

Friendly appearance will make it a decoration of every children's room. The diffuser protects the youngest by spraying the valuable substances contained in propolis in the air. The process of spraying propolis means that the body can absorb substances beneficial for its functioning not once, but many times during each breath. A diffuser is a device that disperses the volatile fraction of propolis. This process consists in preheating the propolis capsules (cartridges), thus achieving the synthesis of the wax fraction. As cartridges, capsules containing only the highest quality propolis from Italy are used. Thanks to high quality thresholds, the propolis capsules in our offer ensure extremely high efficiency. With an average use of the diffuser at the level of 2 hours a day, one capsule of the propolis cartridge releases the fraction for up to two months (up to 122 hours).

It will also be perfect as an original gift.

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