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Beer on Buckwheat Honey

Beer on Buckwheat Honey

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Beer Na Miodu Gryczanym - the high quality and uniqueness of this drink is confirmed, among others, by the Grand Prix award at the prestigious Chmielaki Krasnostawskie beer competition in 2011.

"Best of the best" - beer brewed with the addition of underestimated buckwheat, properly aged and sweetened with excellent buckwheat honey just before bottling. The lack of a filtration stage allows the beer to fully retain its health-promoting properties resulting, among others, from the content of brewing yeast and honey.

Awards: Grand Prix (National Chmielarzy i Brewers' Festival 2011), 1st place in the flavored beer category (Consumer Beer Competition Chmielaki Krasnostawskie 2011), 1st place in the category of honey-based beers (Consumer Beer Contest of the Beer Brotherhood 2012), 2nd place in the flavored beers category ( 2012 Beer of the Year Poll), "Teraz Polska" emblem (23rd Edition of the Competition for the Best Products and Services 2013).

Best for ice cream and desserts.

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