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Honey face cream 20+

Honey face cream 20+

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The golden rule of young skin care is hydration and protection against external factors. The linden honey contained in the cream, known for its properties, soothes, nourishes and protects the skin as well as maintains its perfect level of hydration. The cream formula enriched with sweet almond oil and hydromanil (a botanical complex that accumulates water molecules in the skin) provides immediate and long-lasting hydration of the skin, and the beeswax and vitamin F present in the cream create a protective barrier on the skin, preventing dangerous external factors. The addition of allantoin soothes irritations, leaving the skin nice and healthy.

Cream intended for skin 20+ for everyday use as a day and night cream.

What helps:

Perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face. It provides it with a radiant appearance and velvety softness.

Apply the cream to the cleansed and toned skin of the face and neck while performing a gentle massage. Use twice a day: morning and evening.

Active ingredients:
linden honey, sweet almond oil, Tara tree extract, beeswax, safflower seed oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin F or polyunsaturated fatty acids, allantoin

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