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Organic multifloral honey "Sadecki Bartnik" 300 g

Organic multifloral honey "Sadecki Bartnik" 300 g

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The presented honey has a light cream color, sometimes tea. It crystallizes quite quickly, changing its color to light gray or light brown. It smells like wax and its taste depends on the mix of nectars brought to the hive. Spring multifloral honey is made from a whole bouquet of spring flowers. It has a light cream color and a mild taste. Depending on where the bees collected it, a gourmet's sense of smell and palate may pick up the aroma of dandelion, raspberry blossom or rapeseed flower.

Multiflower honey contains a lot of simple sugars: glucose and fructose. It is recommended for allergy sufferers, people allergic to pollen and people suffering from hay fever. This honey is not sensitizing. Its medicinal values ​​depend on the plants from which the bees collected the nectar. It is especially recommended in the prevention of allergic diseases, because it contains pollen that acts as antigens.

BIO Sądecki Bartnik multifloral honey is an unmatched taste and aroma in an ecological version.

Net weight: 300g

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