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Multifloral honey 400g

Multifloral honey 400g

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Multiflower honey is by far the most popular honey among consumers. Bees produce it from nectars collected from many melliferous plants blooming at the same time in the immediate vicinity.

Color and taste:
Multifloral honey has different colors depending on the location of the apiary and the time of honey harvesting. Honey collected in spring has a light color and delicate taste, while the nectar of summer and autumn flowers is much darker and has a more distinct taste and smell.

Healing properties:
Multiflower honey is recommended for allergic respiratory diseases such as asthma or hay fever. The anti-allergic treatment can be used preventively one month before the plants pollen.
The components of this honey support heart and vascular diseases, as well as the function of the liver in its detoxification function in the course of liver, gallbladder and other diseases.

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