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Mead Dwójniak AM 750 ml

Mead Dwójniak AM 750 ml

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Mead Dwójniak AM 750 ml

Dwójniak made from a mixture of spring and autumn honeys with a small addition of aromatic herbs from our own plantation. Alcohol content 16%.

A light, barely perceptible note of bitterness makes tasting it a real pleasure.

He won numerous medals, including:

gold medal at the 14th Jubilee Wine and Mead Competition Bełchatów 2005 organized by the National Council of Winemaking and Mead Industry
bronze medal at the Boulder (Co) International Mead Festival 2006
gold medal of the International Mead Festival Boulder (Co) 2014
Poured into 100 ml ceramic bottles, 250 ml ceramic bottles, 250 ml ceramic bottles. 750 ml and glass bottles capacity 750 ml.

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