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Acacia honey with a dispenser 370 g

Acacia honey with a dispenser 370 g

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It crystallizes very slowly, because it contains much more than all other nectar honeys, the amount of natural fructose sugar. Thanks to this, acacia honey can be safely consumed by diabetics. Fructose also makes this honey very sweet and readily consumed by children. If it crystallizes, it turns white or light yellow. Recommended for gastrointestinal disorders and digestive problems. It is used prophylactically to support the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers, because its components protect the body against excessive amounts of digestive acids. It has a slightly diuretic effect and prevents the formation of stones. It can be consumed by people suffering from milder types of diabetes (after consulting a doctor). Everyone who is exposed to mental or physical effort at work should eat it regularly, because the easily absorbed simple sugars contained in it quickly regenerate the body energetically. It is worth remembering that compresses made of this honey have a very good effect on healing and eliminating infections.

Honey from Sądecki Bartnik is always of great quality and taste. Now in a convenient and handy form with a dispenser.

Net weight: 370 g with dispenser

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