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Bee energy - propolis energy vial

Bee energy - propolis energy vial

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Bee energy - propolis energy vial
Dietary supplement containing organic Italian ingredients, such as - fresh royal jelly, pollen, propolis (bee putty), honey and raspberry juice, which help in cases of severe physical and mental fatigue.

BEE ENERGY is a great help for those who need an energy boost, and even children and teenagers at school, it helps to save physical and mental energy, positively affecting their performance and alleviating the effects of stress.

Directions for use: one vial daily, neat or diluted in water, in the morning on an empty stomach as needed

Age: for the whole family, from children to adults

It relieves mental and physical fatigue, gives energy

Price for one vial.

Ingredients: fructose, raspberry juice, Italian honey, non-alcoholic propolis extract, fresh royal jelly, lemon juice, rosemary oil.

* Ecological product.
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