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ApiAero-B Hive inhaler

ApiAero-B Hive inhaler

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ApiAero-B inhaler

Aerosol apitherapy can be used to effectively treat many respiratory diseases, such as pharyngitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, tracheobronchitis, and others.

During inhalation, aerosol apitherapy, inhalation of aerosol from beehives and inhalation of bee products (honey, propolis and pollen) are used. They are properly prepared to be used in the inhaler. An inhaler is a device that breaks a liquid into small particles (aerosol), which are then transported to the respiratory organs through a mask or nose.

Bees with their movement and work in the hive create an aerosol. The inhalation kit makes it easier to inhale. The connector attached to the hive has a special one-way shut-off valve that allows one-way movement of the aerosol against the user's breathing passages. The finned connecting tube is large enough in diameter to allow the aerosol flow from the hive to be 6-10 liters per minute. A mouthpiece or mask can be placed on the hose. The mask has two one-way shut-off valves in such a way that it is possible to pull it out of the tube and release the exhaled air into the environment.

The ApiAero-B collection includes:
• ApiAero-B ventilation unit
• 230V / 12V 1.2A power adapter
• Special silicone hose 150 cm
• Filter
• Special mask for apitherapy, with one-way valve
• Inhalation mask (Mundstuck)
• Apitherapy hive screws

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